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Kidney Stones – Signs and Symptoms

Kidney stones are a painful and potentially dangerous condition that can affect both men and women as they age.  The symptoms of kidney stones can often be quite subtle to begin with and may be overlooked until more serious problems affect sufferers.  If your doctor suspects that you have kidney stones, you will be referred […]

Five Odd Diabetes Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Type 2 diabetes often presents several clear symptoms, including incredible thirst, the frequent need to urinate, and numbness in the extremities. However, the condition also comes with a number of other symptoms which are unfortunately both easy to ignore and hard to connect to diabetes. Here are the most common.   1. Unpleasant Changes to […]

What You Need To Know About Discount Dental Plans

Most people have heard of dental insurance but do not understand the concept of discount dental plans. Here, you shall understand the basics of these plans and how they can be beneficial to you when you visit a dentist. What are discount dental plans? These are dental plans that have been designed for the convenience of […]

Common Treatment Techniques in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a specialty medical practice designed to treat and rehabilitate the body’s mobility and function. The intervention to restore the normal muscular and skeletal condition is usually through physical means unlike conventional medicine which uses pharmacological agents. This type of treatment is suitable for you if you have suffered physical trauma due to sports […]

Leg sports injuries and how to avoid them

Sports carry the risk of injury, not just from nasty falls or being hit by a projectile ball, but from the repeated wear and tear they subject muscles to. Exercise may be good for you but overdoing it can cause a great deal of pain and even lasting damage. The most vulnerable body part by […]