Holistic Health Care Clinics for the Whole FamilyHolistic Health Care Clinics for the Whole Family

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Holistic Health Care Clinics for the Whole Family

Hi, my name is Tammy. I love holistic healthcare. I do not like the concept of just addressing one thing (usually a physical aspect of the body) while ignoring the rest of the package (namely, the emotional and spiritual aspects of the body). To that end, I love yoga, but I also see the value of things like physical therapy after an accident. I am neither completely into western medicine nor completely into eastern healing. Rather, I like a combination of the two. I also like having a health care clinic that blends both of these elements. If you want the same things, please explore this blog. It has tips on finding the perfect holistic health care center for your family.

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How Is PCOS Treated?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects reproductive health and causes symptoms that can include acne, irregular menstrual cycles, facial hair growth and weight gain. With this condition, your ovaries become enlarged and fluid-filled follicles form on them. Your male hormone levels increase significantly, and this can make it difficult to become pregnant naturally. PCOS tends to be most prevalent in women of reproductive age, and there's currently no cure for the condition. Read More