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Hi, my name is Tammy. I love holistic healthcare. I do not like the concept of just addressing one thing (usually a physical aspect of the body) while ignoring the rest of the package (namely, the emotional and spiritual aspects of the body). To that end, I love yoga, but I also see the value of things like physical therapy after an accident. I am neither completely into western medicine nor completely into eastern healing. Rather, I like a combination of the two. I also like having a health care clinic that blends both of these elements. If you want the same things, please explore this blog. It has tips on finding the perfect holistic health care center for your family.

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4 Signs You Should See an Audiologist

Audiologists do more than fit hearing aids — they can help you with a wide range of ear-related issues. Here are some of the most common reasons why people see audiologists. If you have any of these symptoms, then you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

1. Your Ears Hurt

Ear pain can be very distressing. Sometimes, ear pain is caused by an infection, but other times it occurs simply due to the build-up of compacted ear wax. The hard wax presses against the eardrum, causing pain. Trying to remove the wax yourself could make the pain worse.

An audiologist can examine your ears and figure out why they hurt. If a build-up of ear wax is the cause of the problem, they can irrigate the ear and use special tools to safely remove it.

2. There's a Persistent Ringing in Your Ears

Ringing in your ears after a loud concert or party is quite common, although it is a sign that you should wear earplugs the next time you go into a loud environment. Short-term ringing in the ears usually resolves quickly, but if yours carries on for more than a few days then it could indicate that your ears have been permanently damaged.

Audiologists can help with long-term ringing in the ears, which is a condition sometimes known as tinnitus. They can often provide relief by fitting a device that helps to mask the ringing noise.

3. Your Hearing is Impaired

Hearing loss sometimes occurs suddenly, for example, if you are exposed to a sudden loud noise. In other cases, hearing declines gradually, which can mean that you do not notice it for a long time. If you find that you are frequently struggling to hear people in busy environments, needing to turn up the television volume, or asking people to repeat themselves, then you should see an audiologist for a hearing test.

Audiologists can fit hearing aids that give you back your ability to hear clearly. Hearing aids today are comfortable and convenient, so do not put off scheduling an appointment with an audiologist.

4. Your Balance is Poor

Problems with your ears can sometimes impair your balance. If you find yourself stumbling a lot or feeling like you are on a boat in rough seas, then contact an audiologist for help. You might have an inner ear infection which requires treatment.

For more information, contact an audiologist near you.